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Welcome to all of you. University-trained STAPS, I have been running the blog COULOIR4.COM since May 2014. I share the adventures of young athletes of all levels (departmental to national) as well as my knowledge, experiences and field anecdotes.

All the articles are directly related to my experience. I rely on the skills of some specialists. They are re-read, often simplified. And for the sake of transparency and respect for the author, the source of the article is mentioned.

A former footballer, my passion for athletics was revealed by reading a book "Athletics Education" by Jacques Piasenta, an author whom I met twice.

After 15 years of training at COSMA Arcueil and taking care of the combined events, young sprinters and half-backs, I joined the ranks of ASFI Villejuif in September 2014.

At the same time, I was a trainer for 2 years at the 1st degree state patent, common core (intervenor in exercise physiology, practical athletics and theory).

Here's my approach to training:

In the young categories, I have always put forward a multidisciplinary training. The abilities that our young athletes do not have, we have to develop them. Some disciplines are more practiced but the main thing is to ensure a balance and complementarity between all. The combined events remain, the reference event to be offered at least up to the cadet category.

At the rate of 2 to 3 sessions per week and without engaging in specific bodybuilding, the training is focused on the development of physical qualities but also on the resolution of motor problems.

Every athlete, regardless of their level, has a place in the group. I don't make selections. However, he will have to respect certain conditions: to be a worker, to listen, to be present very regularly at training and competitions.

We coach, look after young athletes in training cycle or athletes engaged in active life. This must remain a priority for them. The practice of athletics will allow them to take pleasure, find balance, gained self-confidence in effort, self-improvement and later perhaps in individual and/or collective success

With Ladji, first round of interclubs. Huge champion and very available

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